NAVARRO Attorneys at Law represents creditors and debtors in all facets of workouts and restructurings both prior to and over the course of a bankruptcy case. We have extensive experience in protecting our clients' interests in workouts and restructurings, including building in protections for clients in agreements entered prior to a bankruptcy, confirming the validity of security interests, negotiating provisions related to the automatic stay and other bankruptcy provisions, and in the litigation that frequently results in modified debtor-creditor agreements.

Practice Highlights:

  • Multi-disciplinary approach to negotiating and preparing modified debtor-creditor agreements
  • Protect clients' rights in workout and restructuring from the impact of bankruptcy filings
  • Substantial experience in bankruptcy cases that impact creditor-debtor relationships
  • Counsel clients on the impact of bankruptcy on pre-bankruptcy workouts and restructurings
  • Negotiate and draft modified debtor-creditor agreements both prior to and over the course of a bankruptcy case
  • Represent clients in bankruptcy related litigation

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